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In the News: Global Surgical Volunteers, Inc. Launches New Website

Throughout the world, children and families are suffering physically and emotionally from various health conditions for which treatments are not readily available.

Fort Myers, Florida, September 7, 2022 - In developing countries, access to advanced healthcare can be very limited due to lack of insurance, transportation, education, or financial ability. Many lifesaving surgical procedures are simply out of reach for many people in these areas. For example, Latin American children have one of the highest rates of congenital Hydrocephalus, which results in brain damage and ultimately death if untreated.

A non-profit organization called Global Surgical Volunteers was founded by Riky Garcia in an effort to help bring these “medical miracles” to those in developing

countries, such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Generous physicians and volunteers from the United States have joined in this effort, donating their time and skills to perform these types of lifesaving procedures, as well as provide other community building resources.

Global Surgical Volunteers, Inc is a 501-c3 organization based in Florida and was officially launched on September 17, 2021. However, volunteers from this team have been organizing and attending medical missions since 2015. This organization was created to provide medical services and assistance to those in need in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other

parts of the world through medical care, donation of goods, food distribution, building/rebuilding churches, schools, homes, and other forms of community assistance. ​Global Surgical Volunteers allocates 100% of its funds towards assisting the underserved populations of these countries.

Global Surgical Volunteers, Inc. Provides:

  • Medical Care: Global Surgical Volunteers organizes mobile medical clinics in areas of the highest need, as well as the organization of surgical mission trips, including General, OB/GYN, Orthopedics and Neurological Surgeries.

  • Food Distribution: They are deeply committed to providing the most important and basic human rights to throughout the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other parts of the world, through the distribution of food.

  • Community Building: They build and help rebuild schools, churches, and homes to the neediest in rural/urban areas in the Dom. Rep., Haiti, and other developing countries.

In addition, Global Surgical Volunteers, Inc. is also working with donors to provide essential medical equipment, which can be quite costly. This includes Xray equipment, autoclaves to sterilize surgical instruments, and operating room equipment.

During a recent interview, a Global Surgical Volunteers spokesperson commented,

“The mission of Global Surgical Volunteers is to aid with basic needs, medical and surgical care with thoughtfulness, understanding and empathy to individuals of scarce resource in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and others part of the world. We strive to create strong partnerships with local organizations, as well as organizations abroad to assist in the creation of a strong foundation that promotes sustainability, and independent advancement in the ability to provide needed and continued care.”

Global Surgical Volunteers is currently seeking both volunteers and donors to assist with their continued mission and vision. To date, Global Surgical Volunteers has donated close to $425,000 in surgical procedures, organized 13 missions in multiple countries, and have delivered over 1,000 meals to those in needs. Donors are needed in order to facilitate each mission, as well as volunteers including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-Op and PACU Nurses

  • Operating Room Nurses

  • Surgical Technician

  • Nurse Anesthetist

  • Anesthesiologist

  • Surgeons

  • Physicians assistants

  • Other organizational volunteers

One of the volunteers expressed their appreciation for donors who have supported these missions. According to this volunteer, Getting funding to help these people with nothing allows us all to feel meaning, purpose, and joy profoundly.”

Anyone who wishes to donate time, talents, or funding should visit for more information, volunteer applications, and online donation options.

About The Founder:

Having grown up in the Dominican Republic, in a community much like the ones he seeks to serve, Riky Garcia feels very strongly about giving back and helping to facilitate opportunities for advancement for those in need. Riky has always had a passion for helping others, and at the age of eighteen, began volunteering at a local hospital during his service in the D.R. military. He attributes the launch of his medical career in the United States to a group of American medical volunteers who helped him on his path.

Riky founded Global Surgical Volunteers in an effort to use his abilities and resources to now give back to others in need. He is currently working as a Certified Surgical Technician in Fort Myers, Florida. As one of the directors, Riky brings many years of experience, influence, and a repertoire of skills from working in various nonprofit organizations.

For further information, visit:

Media Contact:

Global Surgical Volunteers, Inc.

Attn: Media Relations

Ft. Myers, FL


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