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Not everyone has access to care

About Us

Global Surgical Volunteers, INC. is an organization created to provide medical services and assistance to the needy in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other parts of the world through medical care, education, donating goods, food distribution, building/rebuilding churches, school, homes, and other forms of Christian ministry. Based in Florida and organized exclusively for charitable, religious, and educational purposes, Global Surgical Volunteers was officially incorporated on September 17, 2021. 

We fulfill our mission through raising awareness of the situation in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other parts of the world, as well as building partnerships in the United States. We accomp this through: 

  • Raise awareness of the situation in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other parts of the world, and build partnerships in the United States.

  • Speak to groups, schools, churches, medical professionals, conferences, etc. in the United States to share about the needs in previously mentioned regions.

  • Build partnerships with institutions and individuals who choose to form groups

  • Volunteer in various capacities, including mobile medical clinics, surgical services, construction, food distribution, etc. 

As we raise awareness of the needs in these areas, more people have an opportunity to get involved – either by traveling there themselves to help physically, or by making donations to support the work.

Our Programs

Mobile Medical Clinics and Surgery Clinics

We organize mobile medical clinics in rural, needy areas where we offer basic family medicine care as well as referral to a hospital in case of needs. We also organize surgical mission trips 3 time a year with several specialties that includes OB-GYN, General, Orthopedics and Neurological Surgeries. 


Education Programs 

Global Surgical Volunteers provides continuing education opportunities for doctors, nurses, and surgical technicians. 

Food and Goods Distribution Program


Global Surgical Volunteers is deeply committed to helping provide the most important and basic human rights to the needy people in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other parts of the world, through the distribution of food. We also identify and donate to families in need of basic and household items and/or necessary goods that will allow them to have a sustainable and more consistent way to support their own families.

The community benefits from our services in many ways but most importantly, its basic human rights. Providing nutritional food to the neediest helps them to prevent and fight illness, give them energy, and specially help children to grow and learn more in school. In addition, feeding the needy reduces hunger and it's a public good that we offer which alleviate the burden of the Government. 

Community Building - Construction and Reconstruction Program 

We build and help rebuild churches, schools, and homes to the neediest in rural/urban areas in the Dom. Rep. With the support and collaboration of missionary groups, churches and University students from the United State and some local charities. 

Some of the planning, organizing, and fundraising are conducted in the U.S. while the administration of the programs and construction projects take place in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other developing countries. There will be regular communication between the U.S. based organization and its board members, volunteers and staff members located abroad. 

Building schools and other projects, impact the whole community by increasing the chances and opportunities to reach out and offer an education and different services for those in the community which will lead and prepare them for future jobs, different social and life skills. These services are at no cost to the qualified people we serve. 

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Global Impact.

Our Mission / Vision

Our Mission

 The mission of Global Surgical Volunteers is to aid with basic needs, medical and surgical care with thoughtfulness, understanding and empathy to individuals of scarce resource in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and others part of the world. 

Our Vision

To create strong partnership with local organizations, as well as organization abroad to assist in the creation of strong foundation that promotes sustainability, and independent advancement in the ability to provide needed and continued care. 


Our Founders

Our Founders



Having grown up in the Dominican Republic, in a community much like the ones he seeks to serve, Riky Garcia feels very strongly about giving back and helping to facilitate opportunities for advancement for those in need. Riky has always had a passion for helping others, and at the age of 18, began volunteering at a local hospital during his service in the D.R. military. He attributes the launch of his career in the United States to a group of volunteers who helped him on his path. He founded Global Surgical Volunteers in an effort to use his abilities and resources to now give back to others in need. Mr. Garcia is currently working as a Certified Surgical Technician in Fort Myers, Florida. As one of directors, Mr. Garcia brings many years of experience, influence, and a repertoire of skills from working in various nonprofit organizations.




Moises Sifren is a volunteer director currently working as the administrator of the Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana, Dominican Republic. As the organization’s board president and CEO, Mr. Sifren brings nearly 20 years of experience and influence working and collaborating with other nonprofits and private corporations in the U.S and in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Sifren is committed to giving back to the communities and changing lives for the better. 


Suzanne Garcia is a volunteer director and finance manager. As the organization’s chief administrator, she brings her experience, enthusiasm, and organizational skills.  Ms. Garcia grew up in Tanzania as the daughter of missionaries and carries on that legacy in working with underdeveloped communities in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. 

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